About & Services

I’m a freelance writer and professional blogger with experience serving both publications and businesses.

Here’s a little about what I can do for you:

Staff Writing and Ghostwriting
I’m always available to quality publications and companies looking for an experienced writer. I can contribute to your magazine, website, or blog daily, weekly, monthly, or as needed — whatever best fits your needs.

Web Content
What kind of first impression is your website giving potential clients? Is your site’s copy confusing? Redundant? I can help you develop web content that’s clear, engaging, and informative, and most importantly, will push your business ahead.

Business Materials: Newsletters, Brochures, Reports, and more
Let me take care of your case studies, white papers, reports, press releases, direct mail, quarterly letters, newsletters, and other business materials so you can get back to doing what you do best.

…And here’s a little about me:

I hold a degree in English which means words and grammar really, really matter to me. One of my favorite party tricks is pointing out typos in restaurant menus. I’m telling you — people love it!

I’m a voracious reader, but stubbornly refuse to transition to an e-reader. I’m curmudgeonly that way.

I’m of Norwegian descent which means I’m very pale, very tall, and my last name evokes all the elegance of an Ikea storage unit (it’s pronounced quee-doll, in case you were wondering).

I live and write in New Jersey. Please feel free to get in touch with me to discuss a potential story or project.