Magazine Work

Below is a selection of clips from alumni magazines, as well as trade and consumer publications serving the health and wellness, specialty food and beverage, organic, and gift industries.

Market Trends: Retail and Consumer

nfm, ongoing contributor
Fresh Changes in Healthy Eating, Natural Foods Merchandiser
Generations Y and Z: What’s the X Factor?, Gifts & Decorative Accessories
Urban Legends, Natural Foods Merchandiser
The Gift Book 2016: Home Forecasts, Gifts & Decorative Accessories
All in the Family, Natural Foods Merchandiser
Fighting the Firestorm, Natural Foods Merchandiser
Foodservice Made Simple, Natural Foods Merchandiser
Paleo Diet Guide, Delicious Living
The Green Scene, Vitamin Retailer

Alumni Magazines

Urban Myths: Debunked, Explorations Magazine
How Can I Preserve My Family’s History?, Monmouth Magazine
The Doppler Effect, Explorations Magazine
True Athletic Success, Rutgers Magazine
Winter Wellness, TCNJ Magazine
How Can I Cut Stress and Increase Focus?, Monmouth Magazine
Rutgers CoverA Vote of Confidence, Partnering For Change
Big Hope for the Smallest Patients
, Rutgers Magazine
Food for Thought, Explorations Magazine
The Student Experience, Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine (RUSVM) Magazine
Human and Animal Medicine: Bridging the Gap, RUSVM Magazine
Support Group, Rutgers Magazine
Growing Pains, Rutgers Magazine

Retail and Practitioner Tips

A Retailer’s Guide to Understanding CBD in Hemp, Natural Foods Merchandiser
7 Ways to Connect with Millennial Shoppers, Natural Foods Merchandiser
Keeping the Immune System Strong, Natural Practitioner
Keeping Effective Employees Aboard, Vitamin Retailer
Natural Resources, Vitamin Retailer
Merry Merchandising, Organic Products Retailer
Completing a Vacation Checklist, Vitamin Retailer
Marking an Occasion, Vitamin Retailer
A Word on Winter, Vitamin Retailer

Market Trends: Suppliers and Manufacturers
NutritionalOutlookAre Clean-Label Demands Raising the Cost of Contract Manufacturing?, Nutritional Outlook
Pet health supplements raise the bar, Nutritional Outlook
Casting a Wide Net in Women’s Health, Natural Products Insider
A Macro Look at the Microbiome, Nutritional Outlook
Navigating the Clean Label Landscape, Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery
The Sustainability Spectrum, Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery
Sodium Solutions, Nutrition Industry Executive

Industry Profiles

Q&A with Mark Bittman, Natural Foods Merchandiser
Q&A with Douglas Tompkins, Natural Foods Merchandiser
Retailers of the Year
, Natural Foods Merchandiser
Q&A with Alf Dunbar, Natural Foods Merchandiser
Leading By Example: Janie Hoffman, Natural Foods Merchandiser
5 Minutes with Mark Blumenthal, Natural Foods Merchandiser
Organic Entrepreneurs, Organic Products Retailer
Retailer Excellence Award, Gifts & Decorative Accessories